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Wine Tour in Yalta: Nikita Botanic Garden, Massandra palace of Alexander III, Massandra winery

  • Cost of the tour: for the group of 6 visitors - 100 EUR per person
  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Itinerary: Hotel  – Nikita – Massandra - Hotel   
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Size of the group – 6 – 17 tourists
  • Transportation: Mercedes Vito, Mercedes Sprinter
  • Entry tickets to all visited tourist attractions
  • Excursion is carried out in: English, German, French, Spanish

Join Massandra Wine Tasting and Botanic Garden Tour in Yalta for a leisure time in South Crimea. On the tour you visit evergreen and blossoming Nikita Botanic Garden,  Massandra palace of Alexander III (Stalin’s Dacha) and take part in Massandra wine tasting.  The tour to Massandra & Botanic Garden is always relaxing and picturesque.  

Highlights of Nikita Botanic Garden:  Lower and Upper parks, rare plant specimens, details about the plants and growth peculiarities.   

Highlights of Massandra Palace: rooms and interiors of the palace, history of palace foundation, palace park.

Massandra Wine Tour:  tasting 8 wine types of Massandra winery, detailed information about each wine, history of Massandra winery and special feature of Massandra vines. After the ceremony you can visit Massandra  brand shop with rich collection of Massandra vintage wines.    

Tour details:

Your guide is meeting you at a hotel’s entrance (or another place which you prefer).

Escape to the beauty and greenery of Nikita Botanic Garden Welcome to the most exotic park of the South Crimea to admire the plants and learn some interesting details about their life.

Nikita Botanic Garden has a collection of 28 000 species, varieties and hybrids of plants. The pride of the Nikita Botanical Garden is its park with about 2000 species of trees and shrubs. The park has more than 600 flowers types and some 200 species of hothouse plants. In different time of the year you can visit different flower exhibitions. There are tulips, orchids, roses, and chrysanthemum plant shows taking place in the garden from April to November. Blossoming period may vary from a few days to several weeks depending on the weather.

Fan-shaped Chinese palms, Bamboo grove, Italian pines, Lebanon cedars, California oak tree, myrtles, feijoa, orchid trees, palmetto, Aleppo pine, Numidian fir tree, Arizona cypress, red cedar, olives, Lebanese cedar, magnolia are only a few of all the exhibits you can see in the park.
The garden is divided into several smaller parks: Lower, Upper, Seaside Park and the park of Cape Martyan. During the excursion you will visit fenced Lover and Upper parks. The other parks you can visit optionally. 

Massandra Palace is often compared to a castle-chalet with rich interior in English and French renaissance styles. After visiting the palace you will take a walk in a lovely park with a pond and original sculptures surrounding the palace.

Designed in the style of Louis XIII for Prince Vorontsov, the palace was purchased for Alexander III of Russia in the end of XIX century.  The tsar intended to turn it into his hunting castle as it was set near the moor but his sudden death frustrated his plans. Building was finished in 1902 in the times of Nicolas II reign. During the Soviet period the place was known as “Stalin’s Dacha”. It served as a summer residence for Soviet leader and top officials and was closed for general public. Now Massandra Palace and park is a museum complex.

Your final stop on the tour is Massandra winery. With your distinguished sommelier to guide you, you'll taste eight types of traditional Crimean wines. You will learn peculiarities of wine production in the Crimea and hear the history of Massandra winery.  Massandra is a historical centre of the wine producing in the Crimea existing since mid XIX century. Prince Lev Golitzin, a founder of winemaking in the Crimea, built collection of old and rare wines in Massandra. The collection was augmented in the Soviet times when Stalin ordered all wines found in the Tsar's cellars to be moved to Massandra. Massandra winery specializes in production of fortified wines. You can taste wines similar to Port, and dessert wines made of Muscat, Pinot Gris, and Tokay. 
Massandra wine is a wonderful present you can bring from the Crimea. Prices of fine wines are comparatively low but the quality is excellent. All adult visitors and the most sophisticated wine connoisseurs will enjoy this informative and delicious excursion.

 In the end of the tour we will take you back to the hotel in Yalta.

Cost of the tour: for the group of 6 - 17 visitors - 100 EUR per person
This tour suits for a small tourist group of 6 visitors and for a larger group of  7-17 visitors.
For the group of 6 visitors we offer comfortable air-conditioned minivan
For the group 7 – 17 visitors – comfortable bus Mercedes Sprinter

The tour includes:

  • transportation in the comfortable passenger car
  • admission tickets for all visitors to all visited landmarks 
  • guiding services (English-speaking guide)

The tour excludes: insurance, meals.

Please, note: the order of the visited attractions on the tour may change.

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