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Medieval Crimea - Sevastopol, Bahkchisarai, Balaklava - 6-day / 5-night Tour

Medieval Crimea - Sevastopol - Bahkchisarai - Balaklava - 6-day / 5 night tour covers must-sees of Sevastopol, Bahkchisarai, Balaclava, and Inerkman including the most visited attractions of recent years – Top Secret Submarine Base in Balaclava, UNESCO heritage listed Chersonesus, and Panorama Museum in Sevastopol. You will get acquainted with medieval Crimea: cave cities and monasteries, Palace of Tatar Khan in Bahkchisarai. 

  • Itinerary: Simferopol – Bahkchisrai – Sevastopol - Inkerman - Balalcava - Bahkchisarai – Simferopol
  • Duration: 6 days / 5 nights
  • Accommodation: 5 nights in Standard Twin Rooms at 3-star hotel Sevastopol or accommodation at the budget hotel Crimea
  • Meals: 5 breakfasts during your stay at the hotel
  • Arrival and departure transfers are adjusted to the time of your flight
  • Transportation: Comfortable passenger cars (for the group of 1-3 tourists), mini van (for the group of 1-6 tourists); bus: Mercedes Sprinter / Mercedes Vito for the groups of  7 - 15 tourists
  • Guiding services: sightseeing tours are carried out in English, French, German, or Spanish, by a professional local guide 
  • Dressing advice: comfortable shoes are required on the tours in 3rd , 5th, 6th days of the tour
1 Day - arrival - tour to Bahkchisarai

Our guide meets the group on the Simpheropol Airport or railway station of Simferepol. Transfer to Bahkchisarai. Bus tour in Bahkchisarai

In Bahchisarai you get off the bus for a walking tour. Bahkchisarai was the centre of medieval Crimean Khanate. Visiting the palace of Tatar Khan, a unique monument of XVI-XVIII centuries. It is consisted of the palace and premises, Khan’ s harem, Falcon’ s Tower, Mosque, and the famous Fountain of Tears. Optionally you can order meal in the traditional Tatar cafe. The walking tour continues with visiting of Uspensky monastery and the Fortress Chufut – Calais, the cave town of Karaites.



Transfer to Sevastopol, check-in at the hotel Sevastopol (3* hotel double /twin accommodation in standard rooms; catering: breakfast) or budget accommodation at the Hotel “ Crimea” (twin/double – triple accommodation in standard rooms; catering: breakfast).

2 Day - Sevastopol city tour

Breakfast at the hotel. Sevastopol city tour.

Transfer by bus to the centre of the city. Sightseeing walking excursion including the visits of Grafskaya wharf, Admiral Nakhimov square, Memorial to the heroic defense of Sevastopol, St. Vladimir's Cathedral, Monument to Kazarsky the captain of the brig “ Mercury” it was the first monument in Sevastopol. Strolling along Primorsky Boulevard, seeing a famous Monument to the Scuttled Ships, which was built in the sea in the memory of the city defenders in the Crimean war.

Optional choice of the tour is a short motor-boat trip along Sevastopol harbour. Payment on the spot (approximately 60 UAH per person).

The next part of the walking excursion is a visit of the Ukrainian Marine Aquarium, one of the oldest in Europe. It was founded in 1897 in the premises of the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas. Today, Aquarium of Sevastopol has the richest collection of more the 150 species of fish from the Indian Ocean, the Sea of Japan and the Red Sea, limnetic fish of the Amazon, the Black Sea and the tropical fish of the most astonishing shapes and colors.

Alternatively we can visit Museum of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia. The museum narrates history of the foundation of the Russian Black sea fleet and key events in which the fleet took part in.

Transfer to the Historic Boulevard. Walking sightseeing tour along the boulevard, visiting the monument to Eduard Totleben, monuments devoted to the Crimean War, memorial slab to Leo Tolstoy who took part in the Crimean War. Walking excursion along the former 4th bastion and visiting the breastworks of the former 4th bastion of the Crimean War. Visiting the Panorama Museum Defense of Sevastopol 1854–55. 360-degree three dimension masterpiece by Franz Rubo depicts the Battle of Malakhov which took place in Sevastopol on June 6, 1855. It was only one day of 349-days heroic defense of Sevastopol 1854–1855. Return to the hotel.

3 day - Tour to Inkerman and Chersonesus

Breakfast at the hotel. Bus tour to Inkerman and Chersonesus.

Transfer to Inkerman. Walking excursion to Kalamita, a medieval fortress and a cave city. Sightseeing excursion on the territory of the cave city, visiting cave monastery of St.Klement, its cells were carved out in the rocks.

Transfer to the National Preserve Chersonesus Taurica. Walking excursion to the ancient democratic city-state Chersonesus, a Greek colony founded in the middle of Vth century BC. You will visit museum exhibitions of ancient and medieval history, stroll along the ruins of the ancient settlement, visit baptistery of Prince Vladimir the Great whose union with Byzantium Princess Anna brought Christianity to Russia and Ukraine. From your experienced guide your will learn a lot about life of the ancient Greeks and Romans, Scythians and Taurus, who resided in Chersonesus in different periods of time.
Return to the hotel.

4 day - Tour to Balaclava

Breakfast at the hotel. Bus tour to Balaclava. The first stop on your way is Sapun hill, you visit the observation platform and listen to the narrative about events of the Crimean war and WWII related to this place. Transfer to BalaclavaWalking sightseeing tour along Balaklava seafront, visiting of the fortress Chembalo dated back to XIV century. Picturesque ruins of the Chembalo fortress is a symbol of Balaclava. Hear an interesting narrative about history of Balaclava, a city of Tavrs, Greeks, Romans, a base of the British troops during the Crimean war and a home to Russian nuclear submarines in Soviet time.

Transfer to the opposite side of Balaklava Bay to the Mount Tavros. Walking tour to the former Underground Nuclear Submarine Base of the Soviet times. The premises were carved out in the mountain and covered with ferroconcrete of 56 meters depth. The top-secret base was designed to survive after a direct nuclear strike up to 100 kilotons. Its impermeable doors would close and the base would be able to operate for three years accommodating 3000 staff members.Return to the hotel..

5 day- Tour to cave city Eski - Kermen (Bahkchisai area)

Breakfast at the hotel. Bus tour to cave city Eski-Kermen (Bahkchisarai area).

Transfer to Bakhchisaray area to the settlement Krsaniy Mak. Walking tour to a cave city Eski — Kermen, founded in the early VI century. The city was turned into the impregnable fortress by natural barrier of steep rocks and manmade battle walls, perfectly defending gates and pass doors, ground towers and cave cells. Visiting the Temple of Three Horsemen dated back to XII century.

Transfer to the village Zalesnoye to the Valley of Sphinx. Optional choice is visiting the donkey farm and take a donkey riding tour (duration from 30 minutes to 1-2 hours). Animal feeding (Cameroonian goats, Vietnamese pigs, various specimen of hens). Time for rest and relaxation with a cup of tea served in oriental style in the sweet cherry garden under cosy pergolas. Children (and adults) are exited to get a joky license of  «Donkey driver». 
Return to the hotel.

6 day - free time - day of departure

Day of departure. Breakfast and checkout at the hotel. Free time in Sevastopol. Transfer to Airport / railway station is adjusted to the time of your departure and your preferences.

The price includes:

  • accommodation at the hotel Sevastopol: (double /twin accommodation in standard rooms) or budget accommodation at the  hotel Crimea: (double / twin / or triple accommodation in standard rooms);
  • catering: breakfast 5 breakfasts;
  • transportation according to the tour program;
  • guiding in English/German/French/Spanish — according to the tour program;
  • entrance tickets to all the landmarks - according to the tour program;
  • 10% discount for children aged 5-12 y.o.;
  • The tour can be changed and adjusted according to your wishes.
  • We offer a special discount for travel agents, 10 %.

The Price excludes: medical insurance.

Please, contact our managers to know the price of the tour for your group The price of the tour may vary depending on the number of visitors or some changes in the tour schedule and accommodation; each request requires independent calculation.

Please Note: The price of the tour quoted above may vary depending on the number of visitors or some changes in the tour schedule and accommodation; each request requires independent calculation. Travel agency retains for itself the right to change days and some sightseeing parts of the tour or accommodation with the equals.