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Panorama Museum - Malakhov Hill - Centre of Sevastopol

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Walking time: 4 hours.
  •  Walking distance: approximately 6 km
  • Transportation: comfortable passenger car; Mercedes Vito, Mercedes Sprinter
  • Excursion is carried out in: English, German, French, Spanish

Tour details:

A great introduction to the history of Sevastopol, the tour highlights the most popular attractions of the Crimean War period and consists of 3 parts: a tour to Historical Boulevard and visiting world-famous Panorama Museum of Sevastopol 1854-1855; a tour to Malakhov Hill and a walking tour to the centre of Sevastopol.

Historical Boulevard and Panorama Museum. On the tour you visit a place where 4th bastion was located during the Crimean War. Our professional guide narrates the main events and consequences of the war. You will get acquainted with military tactics of Russians  including underground mine war, artillery techniques, defensive construction details. You will see the genuine cannons of the Crimean War, cannon yards and monuments located within the territory of the former 4th bastion. The  most exciting part of the tour is visiting the famous battle-art masterpiece of the Panorama Museum,  a 360-degree 3-dimension picture of the battle of Malakhov which took place in Sevastopol on June 18, 1855.

Your tour is continued on Malakhv Hill. You'll explore the bastion of Malakhov, one of the most important Russian  fortifications of the Crimean war.  The walking tour covers every major site there. Highlights on this tour include the White Defensive Tower of Malakhov (without visiting the museum), the Monument to Admiral Kornilov, cannons of the Crimean war, Memorial Slab on the spot of  Nakhimov's fatal injury, the Monument on the Common Grave to French and Russian Warriors.

The last part of the tour will lead you back to the centre of Sevastopol. You will get acquainted with some of the most notable historical monuments of the city. With plenty of photo stops and nice view points this tour is comprehensive but not strenuous. The tour can be tailored according to your request and the weather conditions.

Historic Boulevard & Panorama Tour highlights: Monument to Eduard Totleben - Monument to Yason’s Redoubt - Panorama Museum of Sevastopol Defense 1854-1855 - Breastworks of the Former 4th Bastion - Cannon yards with genuine ship cannons of the Crimean War - Memorial Slab to L.Tolstoy - Monument to Defenders of the 4th bastion.

Tour to Malakhov Hill highlights: White Defensive Tower of Malakhov - Monument to Admiral Kornilov - Genuine Cannons of the Crimean War - Alley of Friendship - Artillery guns of WWII of Matukhin’s Battery – Monument to the soldiers of 8th  Air Force - Common grave of Russian and French soldiers.

Tour to the Centre of Sevastopol highlights:  The Monument to Scuttled Ships (the symbol of Sevastopol) - The Monument to Admiral Nakhimov (the hero of the Crimean War) - The Monument to Kazarsky (the first monument in Sevastopol) - The Memorial to Heroic Defense of Sevastopol in 1941-1942.

Please, contact us for detailed information and the price.

The price includes:  transportation, guiding in the selected language, entrance tickets to all the landmarks.
Please Note:
Time and place of the departure is tailored according to your request. The price of the tour quoted above depends on the number of visitors, changes in museum schedule, or your personal wishes; each request requires independent calculation. The order of the visted attractions may vary.