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The Best of Sevastopol Tour: Sevastopol City Tour, Panorama Museum & Balaclava Tour

  • Cost of the tour: for the group of 4 visitors - 70 EUR per person
  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Itinerary: Hotel  – Centre of Sevastopol – Panorama museum – Balaclava - Hotel   
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Size of the group – 4 – 17 tourists
  • Transportation: Mercedes Vito, Mercedes Sprinter
  • Entry tickets to all visited tourist attractions
  • Excursion is carried out in: English, German, French, Spanish

Combine two best-selling Sevastopol tours to see the best of Sevastopol & Balaclava in one day.   City Tour, a nice walking excursion to witness the best highlights of Sevastopol and a tour to Panorama museum, is perfect experience for the first-time visitors and for all who is interested in the history of this city.  Let yourself relax from time consuming walking on this comfortable minibus tour in a company of your friends. On this small group tour you will hear informative narrative about foundation of Sevastopol, history of the navy base of the Black Sea Fleet, some interesting facts and details of city life. The final part is a tour to Balaclava including visiting the former Underground Submarine Base.

Highlights of the centre of Sevastopol:  Primorsky Boulevard and Kornilov seafront with the Monument to Scuttled Ships,  Nakhimov square, the Monument to Admiral Nakhimov, The Memorial to Heroic Defence of Sevastopol in 1941-1942, Grafskaya Landing Pier,  the Monument to Kazarsky (the first monument in Sevastopol).
Panorama Museum: Monuments of the 4th Bastion -  Panorama Museum of Sevastopol Defence 1854-1855 - Breastworks of the Former 4th Bastion with genuine ship cannons of the Crimean War.

Balaclava Tour Highlights: Balaclava City tour - Naval Museum complex Balaklava:  Soviet Top Secret Submarine Base including: entrance to the canal (underground gallery), floating dam, mine-torpedo department and fuel storage department, arsenal, deep-water canal and dry submarine dock, transportation corridors and passages, arsenal transportation rails, a pattern – a transportation corridors fork, anti-nuclear safety gates, sluice chamber, torpedoes and cruise missile warheads storage, arsenal loading platform, rooms for personnel and officers.

Tour details:

Your first stop is Nakhimov square, the heart of the city. Strolling nice Primorsky park you will know history of Sevastopol and witness the most notable historical monuments of the city including the Monument to Scuttled Ships, a symbol of Sevastopol.  

Continue to the Historical Boulevard and Panorama museum. On the tour you visit a place where 4th bastion was located during the Crimean War. The guide narrates details of this war. You will get acquainted with military tactics of Russians including underground mine war, artillery techniques, defensive construction features. You will see the genuine cannons of the Crimean War, cannon yards and monuments located within the territory of the former 4th bastion. The  most exciting part of the tour is visiting the famous battle-art masterpiece of the Panorama Museum, a 360-degree three-dimension picture of the battle of Malakhov which took place in Sevastopol,  June 18, 1855.  

You head to Balaclava where a former nuclear submarine base of the Soviet times had been located. The tour details the history of the base turned into the Naval Museum complex “Balaklava”; you will learn the most interesting facts about operating of the base and its functions. Your guide will tell you how safe such underground base would have been in a case of an atomic stroke. Trip to Balaclava includes visiting the top secret submarine plant located inside of rocky mountain, and a Balaclava city tour where you will learn the history of the place from its foundation over XXV centuries ago to these days.  

In the end of the tour we will take you back to the hotel, or on your wish, to centre of Sevastopol.

Cost of the tour: for the group of 4 - 17 visitors - 70 EUR per person

This tour suits for a small tourist group of 4-6 visitors and for a larger group of  7-17 visitors.

For the group of 4 – 6 visitors we offer comfortable air-conditioned minivan
For the group 7 – 17 visitors – comfortable bus Mercedes Sprinter

The tour includes:

  • transportation in the comfortable bus / minivan
  • admission tickets for all visitors to all visited landmarks  
  • guiding services (English-speaking guide)

The tour excludes: insurance, meals.

* Please, note: the order of the visited attractions on the tour may change.