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Yalta highlights - Massandra Palace - Winery Tour

  • DURATION: 6 hours
  • WALKING TIME: 5 hours
  • TRANSPORTATION: comfortable passenger car / Mercedes Vito / Mercedes Sprinter
  • GUIDING SERVICES: guiding in English/German/French/Spanish — according to your request

Tour Description:

This leisure six-hour bus tour get you acquainted you with Massandra, a district of Yalta. On the tour you will visit Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Massandra Castle of Russian tsar Alexander III and Massandra winery where you take part in a wine tasting ceremony. The tour is ended with a short walking excursion along seafront of Yalta.

Your first stop on the tour is Palace of Alexander III in Massandra. Massandra Palace is the most romantic of all Crimean palaces. It resembles a castle-chalet with rich interior in English and French renaissance styles. After visiting the palace you will take a walk in a lovely park with a pond and original sculptures surrounding the palace.

Designed in the style of Louis XIII for Prince Vorontsov, the palace was purchased for Alexander III of Russia in the end of XIX century.  The tsar intended to turn it into his hunting castle as it was set near the moor but his sudden death frustrated his plans. Building was finished in 1902 in the times of Nicolas II reign. During the Soviet period the place was known as “Stalin’s Dacha”. It served as a summer residence for Soviet leader and top officials and was closed for general public. Now Massandra Palace and park is a museum complex.

Your next stop on the tour is Massandra winery. With your distinguished sommelier to guide you, you'll taste eight types of traditional Crimean wines. You will learn peculiarities of wine production in the Crimea and hear the history of Massandra winery.  Massandra is a historical centre of the wine producing in the Crimea existing since mid XIX century. Prince Lev Golitzin, a founder of winemaking in the Crimea, built collection of old and rare wines in Massandra. The collection was augmented in the Soviet times when Stalin ordered all wines found in the Tsar's cellars to be moved to Massandra. Massandra winery specializes in production of fortified wines. You can taste wines similar to Port, and dessert wines made of Muscat, Pinot Gris, and Tokay. 
Massandra wine is a wonderful present you can bring from the Crimea. Prices of fine wines are comparatively low but the quality is excellent. All adult visitors and the most sophisticated wine connoisseurs will enjoy this informative and delicious excursion.

On this tour your will also visit Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Traditional Russian style building of the cathedral was erected in the beginning of XX century. Alexander Nevsky was a saint patron of Russian tsars. The cathedral is still one of the most beautiful attractions of Yalta.

The tour will end with a short walking excursion along the seafront. Your guide will tell you about Yalta, its history, and the most significant events which took place here. On your wish you can end your tour on the seafront of Yalta for a meal in a pavement café. The tour is really exiting! Wine-tasting ceremony creates wonderful romantic and holiday mood. 

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Price Includes:  transportation, guiding in the selected language, entrance tickets to all visited landmarks.
Please Note: The price of the tour quoted above depends on the number of visitors, changes in museum schedule, or your personal wishes; each request requires independent calculation. The order of the visted attractions may vary.