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Crimean War: Sevastopol and Balaclava - 5 day / 4 night Tour

This guided 5 day / 4 night Tour “Crimean War – Sevastopol and Balaclava” is a detailed narrative to the history of Sevastopol and the Crimean War. The tour includes visiting landmarks dedicated to the Crimean War: a world-famous Panorama Museum of Sevastopol Defense 1854-1855, Malakhov Hill, Mikhailovskaya battery, Balaclava, Valley of Death, and Inkerman. The price of the tour includes two-way transfer in the day of arrival and in the day of departure : Simpheropol airport - hotel in Sevastopol - Simpheropol Airport

1 Day - arrival - check-in - Sevastopol city tour

The driver meets the group in Simpheropol airport. Transfer to Sevastopol. Check-in at the hotel. Transfer to Sevastopol. Check-in at the hotel. 
We offer accommodation at the 3-star hotel Sevastopol (Standard double or twin room; boarding plan BB)
or at the budget hotel Crimea (twin room; the price excludes accommodation, breakfast is served at extra cost - payment on the spot).
You meet your guide after check-in at the hotel.

Walking city tour starts after check-in at the hotel. The guide picks you up at the hotel and you go on foot to the central part of the city. 

The tour covers attractions:

Grafskaya Wharf (Count's Landing Stage) - marine gates of the city, Admiral Nakhimov Square, Memorial to Heroic Defense of Sevastopol 1941-1942, St. Vladimir's Cathedral (burial vault of the admirals), Monument to Kazarsky and to Brig Mercury - the first monument in Sevastopol. Strolling along Primorsky Boulevard you will see the Monument to Scuttled Ships, a legendary symbol of Sevastopol built offshore on an artificial rock.

The closing part of the tour is a short Motor Boat Trip along Sevastopol bays, a perfect pre-lunch activity and the best photo experience. Motor Boat Trip highlights: - Artillery Bay - Sevastopol Harbour - Southern Bay - Sevastopol inlets - Naval ships and submarines of Russia – view of Sevastopol shipyards.


2 Day - Tour to Mikhailovskaya battery

Breakfast at the hotel.  Tour to Inkerman and Mikhaylovskaya battery.

Sheremyetiev's museum in Mikhailovskaya battery is located in front of Primorsky Boulevard, on the North part of Sevastopol. The exposition building is a former coastal battery; it was built before the Crimean war.  Exhibits are genuine weapon, awards, uniform, maps, coins, personal correspondence and belongings of the war participants.
Transfer to the northern part of the city, visiting memorial complex of St. Nicholas cathedral and ancient cemetery of Crimean war period. Detailed narrative of the Crimean war events.

Transfer to Inkerman. Detailed narrative of Inkerman and Black river battles. Walking excursion to the medieval fortress and cave town Kalamita, visiting of St.Klement's Cave Monastery with cells carved in the rocks.

3 Day - Tour to Panorama museum

After Breakfast we offer a walking sightseeing tour to Historical boulevard. The tour includes detailed narrative of Crimean war events, visiting the monument to Edward Totleben, monuments devoted to the Crimean War, memorial slab to Leo Tolstoy who took part in the Crimean War. Walking excursion along the Historical boulevard and visiting the breastworks of the former 4th bastion of the Crimean War. Visiting the Panorama Museum “Defence of Sevastopol 1854-55”. 360-degree three dimension masterpiece by Franz Rubo depicts the Battle of Malakhov which took place in Sevastopol on June 6, 1855. Return to the hotel.

This walking tour is continued by visiting the Museum of Russian Black Sea Fleet; its exposition narrates the history of the Black Sea Fleet from the year of its foundation to the present day.




4 Day - Tour to Balaclava

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the Malakhov Hill. Walking sightseeing tour to the park of Malakhov Hill. The tour highlights the sights dedicated to the wars: the Crimean War and the Second World War.
The Tour covers attractions: White Defensive Tower of Malakhov, Monument to Admiral Kornilov, Genuine Cannons of the Crimean War, Alley of Friendship, Artillery guns of Matukhin’s Battery, Monument to the soldiers of 8th  Air Force, Common grave of Russian and French soldiers.

Transfer by bus to the battlefields of the Crimean War. Visiting observation platform of Sapun-Hill. Landmarks of Balaklava battle: the Monument to British Soldiers; detailed narrative the Charge of the Light Brigade. Visiting the Monument to the Black River Battle.

Transfer to Balaklava. Walking sightseeing tour to Balaclava. Introduction to the history of Balaclava from antiquity to our time. Visiting the symbol of Balaclava, ruins of Genoa fortress Chembalo dated back to XIV century. 



Balaclava as the base of British troops during the Crimean War. Transfer by bus to the opposite side of Balaklava Bay to the Mount Tavros. Guided tour to the Sheremetiyev’s museum, a private collection of the Crimean War unique finds located in the premises of Top-secret Underground Submarine Base. Return to the hotel.

5 Day - Depature
Breakfast and check-out at the hotel. Free time in Sevastopol. Transfer to the railway station (airport) of Simferopol

 The Price includes:

  • accommodation at the hotel Sevastopol (twin / double accommodation in standard rooms; boarding plan BB) or at the hotel “Crimea”: (twin accommodation);
  • at the hotel Sevastopol boarding plan - breakfast; at the hotel Crimea breakfast is served on the spot at extra cost - payment on the spot;
  • transportation: for the group of 1-3 visitors in a comfortable passenger car; 4-6 visitors - in comfortable mini van; 7-16 visitors in Mersedes Sprinter;
  • transfers: Airport Simpheropol - hotel in Sevastopol in the day of arrival; transfer hotel in Sevastopol - Airport Simpheropol in the day of departure;
  • transportation according to the tour program 
  • guiding on the tour programm in English/German/French/Spanish - language choice according to your request;
  • entrance tickets to all the landmarks (according to the tour program);
  • 10% discount for children aged 5-12 y.o.;
  • The tour can be changed and adjusted according to your wishes;
  • For travel agents we offer special discount of 10 %.

The Price excludes: medical insurance.

Please, contact our managers for the price of the Tour: , The price of the tour may vary depending on the number of visitors or some changes in the tour schedule and accommodation; each request requires independent calculation.

Please Note: Travel agency retains for itself the right to change days and some sightseeing parts of the tour or accommodation with the equals.