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Treasure Island - 7day / 6 night Tour ( Sevastopol, Bahkchisarai, Yevpatoria, Yalta)

Spend seven days exploring Southwest of the Crimea on this interesting 7-day tour.  You get acquainted with the most popular attractions of Bahkchisay, Sevastopol, Yevpatoria, Balaclava and Yalta.  This tour is the best option for those who would like to explore different cultures of the Crimea. It covers historical period from the times of ancient Greek colonies to the most recent Soviet times. During the tour you stay 4 days in Sevastopol and 2 days in Yalta.
In Bahkchisary and Yevpatoria you visit Islamic mosques and get acquainted with Crimean Tatars lifestyle. There you witness shrines of Karaites, Kenesa.
In Sevastopol you visit UNESCO listed Chersonesus and Panorama museum to hear about events of the Crimean war.  Balaclava reveals top secrets of the Soviet Time.
Yalta shows exotic beauty of Crimean palaces and parks in Livadia, Massandra and Nikita where you hear the story of Russian aristocracy and tsar’s family who had chosen South Crimea for their summer residence.

  • Itinerary: Simpheropol – Bahkchisaray -Sevastopol – Balaklava – Yevpatoria - Yalta – Simferopol
  • Duration: 7 days / 6 nights

  • Accommodation: in standard twin / double rooms :
    4 nights you spend in Sevastopol at hotel Sevastopol;
    2 nights you spend in Yalta at hotel Bristol;
    (optional accommodation variant is the hotel Yalta-Intourist)

  • Transportation: Mercedes Vito, Mercedes Sprinter (Larger or smaller vehicles are provided on request) 
  • Meals: 6 breakfasts during your stay  at the hotel; HB or FB (lunch, dinner) are provided at extra cost on request  
  • Guiding services: escorting and guiding services are carried out in English, French, German, Spanish by our experienced and qualified guides 
  • Dressing advice: comfortable shoes

    Tour Details

    1 Day: Simpheropol – Bahkchisaray -Sevastopol
    Arrival Tour guide meets the group in the Simferopol airport or railway station. In a comfortable passenger car or mini van you head to Bahkchisarai for the tour to Khan's palace.

    • Bus tour to Bahkchisaray. Tour highlights:
    • Your first stop in Bahchisaray is cave town Chufut-Kale. Located in the suburbs of modern Bahchisray, it was known as the capital of Karaites. Crimean Karaites are a small original ethnic group of Turkic adherents who profess Karaite Judaism. Many of the Crimean Karaites were men of substance who played a big role in the well-being of the Crimea and Russian Empire in XIX century. Crimean Karaites were known for their integrity and unquestionable loyalty so they were welcome in the Khan’s in-crowd and in Russian court alike. Today there are approximately 800 Crimean Karaites in Ukraine most of them live in the Crimea.  Chufut-Kale highlights: complex of caves, cemetery of Karaites, mausoleum of Dzhanike-Khanym, defensive walls and ancient streets.
      • Next stop to visit Uspensky Cave Monastery. Very likely it was founded in VIII AD by monks who fled Byzantium in the times of iconoclasm. Today Uspensky Monastery is a spectacular cave complex consisting of monk cells and Orthodox church.
      Optional choice: Lunch in Bahkchisay in a Crimean-Tatar ethnic café offering traditional Tatar cuisine.
      • Khan's Palace in Bahchisaray. Construction of Khan’s Palace is dated back to XV century.  Escorted by your local guide, you'll explore original Tatar architecture and learn the history of the palace and the Crimean khans. Tour highlights museum complex of Khan’s palace. Covering territory of approximately 10 acres Museum complex exhibits mosques, mausoleums, harem complex, living premises, Tatar baths, cemetery of Tatar Khan’s, fountains including romantic “Fontain of Tears” an inspiration source for Alexander Pushkin’s poem. 
      Transfer to Sevastopol. Check-in at the hotel. Dinner at the hotel.
      2 Day: Sevastopol
      Breakfast at the hotel
      • Sevastopol City Tour. Tour highlights:
      • Bus Tour to the ancient Chersonesus Taurica.  Founded by ancient Greeks in IV century BC, Chersonesus lived through almost two millennia. Visit a beautiful St. Vladimir’s Cathedral built in 19th century close to the baptizing spot of Prince Vladimir the Great. The tour highlights: Greek amphitheatre with 1,500 seat arena, ruins of temples, foggy bell, a citadel with defensive walls, necropolis, a mint of Chersonesus, buildings and streets of the ancient city.
      • Bus Tour to Historical Boulevard. The tour includes visiting the Panorama Museum of Sevastopol Defense 1854-1855.  The museum was built as a show house for the panoramic painting “Defense of Sevastopol 1854-1855”. Consisted of a picturesque canvas and an objective layout, a 360-degree panoramic painting reconstructs a three-dimension picture of the battle of Malakhov. On this tour you learn the history of Panorama Museum, and the Crimean war.
      Optional choice: Lunch in the restaurant “Traktir”. The restaurant is designed in a style of the Crimean War and offers the menu of those times.
        • You are transported to the heart of Sevastopol where you have a walking tour in the centre of the city. The tour highlights: Headquarters of Russian Black Sea Fleet. St. Vladimir’s Cathedral, Tower of Winds, Monument to Vladimir Lenin. Visiting burial vault of the Admirals is available optionally.
        • You on the tour you visit the most popular attractions, dated back to XIX and XX centuries. Tour highlights:  Primorsky Boulevard, Monument to Scuttled ships, Monument to Nakhimov, Grafskaya Wharf (Count’s Landing Stage), observation desk on Cape Khrustalny overlooking Sevastopol’s Bay and coastal batteries.
        • The tour is ended with a short refreshing motor-boat tour on Sevastopol harbour. The motor-boat tour is a good photo opportunity, you glide in the harbour to see Primorsky boulevard and centre of Sevastopol from the sea, Sevastopol's marine plant, Sevastopol's inlets, naval ships and submarines of Russia.
          3 Day: Sevastopol - Balaclava -Sevastopol

          Breakfast at the hotel

          • Bus Tour to Balaklava. Known for being a military base of British troops in the period of the Crimean War (XIX century) and for lodging a primary Nuclear Submarine Base of Russian Navy in Soviet times, nowadays Balaklava is a popular resort and tourist destination.
          • Tour highlights: Naval Submarine Base, a unique engineering construction served as a home for nuclear-armed submarines as well as for conventionally armed submarines in time of the USSR. Short walking tour along the Sea Front of Balaklava and visiting Genoese Fortress of  XIV century.
          • Optional choice to visit in Balaclava is Sheremetiev’s museum to see the exposition “Crimean War 1853-1856”. Exhibits are genuine weapon, awards, uniform, maps, coins, personal correspondence and belongings of the war participants. This attraction is optional, you can visit it at small extra on the spot.
          Optional choice: Lunch is offered in a seafood restaurant of Blaclava. Wide selection of seafood and fish is on the menu.
          • Bus Tour to 35th battery in Kazachiya Bay. The battery was a famous artillery establishment and a headquarters of Sevastopol Defensive Authorities during the Siege of Sevastopol in the Great Patriotic War (WWII). Part of the construction was built underground; the depth of the concrete layer above the construction is 6 meters.  
          4 Day: Sevastopol – Yevpatoria - Sevastopol

          Breakfast at the hotel. Ferry-boat transfer to the Northern part of the city (15 minutes sea trip with wonderful panoramic view of the Sevastopol downtown from the sea).

          • Bus tour to Yevpatoria.  Yevpatoria Tour highlights:
          • Yevpatoria sightseeing walking tour along the seafront of Yevpatoria. You get acquainted with the history of Yevpatoria, dated back to V century BC.
          • St. Nikolas Cathedral. Built on the edge of XX century in tradition Byzantium style, St. Nikolas Cathedral is one of the largest in the Crimea. It was built in the memory of the liberation the city from the English-French troops during the Crimean War.
            • Unique mosque Djuma-Dzhami, a masterpiece of the late medieval Arabic architecture. Constructed in XVI century by the great Turkish architect Sinan, it was intended for inauguration of Crimean Tatar Khan. Djuma-Djami is the only one multimode mosque in this country.
            • Excursion to the ethnic museum Karaite Kenesa, a house of worship for Karaites. Please, note that Kenasa is still operating so it can be closed for public in case of Karaite celebration or a religious holiday. Alternatively we offer to visit Museum of Natural History in Yevpatoria.
            Optional choice: lunch in ethnic café of Karaites. Traditional Karaite dishes are on the menu.
            5 Day:  Sevastopol – Alupka – Livadia - Yalta

            Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out at the hotel. Transfer to the South Crimea.

            • Bus Tour to the Southern coast of Crimea. The tour highlights:
            • Your first stop on this spectacular tour is an observation desk on Laspi Pass to admire a panoramic view of Laspi bay.  
            • Bus Tour to Vorontsovsky Palace and Park in Alupka. A wonderful monument of architecture built in early XIX century as a summer residence of Prince Vorontsov who was a notable military man and a dignitary of the Empress Catherine II. The palace building was designed in Gothic and Moorish Revival styles by a project of a famous British architect Edward Blore. The palace complex is surrounded by a spacious park area. The composition of the park includes mirror ponds, waterfalls, woodlands, and green panoramic glades with gorgeous views of Ai-Petri Mountain.
            • You visit Observation Desk of the Swallow’s Nest Castle, a symbol of South Crimea
            Optional choice: lunch in a cafe offering European cuisine.
            • Livadia Palace and park. White palace of Livadia was a summer residence of the last Russian Emperor, Nikolas II. Livadia Palace was also the venue of Yalta Conference that took place here in February, 1945. Leaders of the USSR, USA and UK namely Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill met in the palace of Livadia to discuss the problems of the post-war Europe.

            Transfer to Yalta. Check-in at the hotel.

            6 Day: Yalta – Massandra - Yalta

            Breakfast at the hotel. 

            • Yalta Sightseeing Walking tour. On the tour you get acquainted with the attractions of the historic centre of Yalta and the seafront, visit Alexander Nevsky Cathederal.

            • Bus Tour to Massandra to see Palace – Museum of Alexander III in Massandra. Built in end of XIX century as a summer residence of the tsar's family, the palace was designed in the style of medieval French castles. A lovely park with a pond and antique sculpture surrounds the castle.

            Optional choice: : lunch in a cafe offering European cuisine.

            • Tour to Massandra Winery.  The eldest winery of the Crimea will get you acqauinted with its wine cellar, wine-production technologies, wine samples collection, and collection of world oldest wines.  One of the exhibits, unique wine Sherry De La Frontera, produced in 1775, keeps its best qualities till these days.
            • This tour includes Wine Tasting Ceremony of Massandra wines.
            7 Day:  Yalta – Nikita - Simpheropol

            Breakfast at the hotel (smorgasbord). Check out at the hotel. Transfer to Nikita Botanic Garden and then to Simpheropol.

            • Bus Tour to Nikita Botanic Garden. The garden was founded in 1812. The exposition represents a rich collection of the world-known endemic and rare plants.


            Optional choice: lunch in the restaurant offering traditional Ukrainian cuisine.


            Transfer to Airport / railway station Simpheropol.

            The price includes:

            • transportation;
            • accommodation: 6 nights in the standard twin room:
              Sevastopol: 4 nights at the hotel Sevastopol;
              Yalta: 2 nights at the hotel Bristol;
            • meals: 6 breakfasts;
            • guiding-escorting services cariied out in English/German/French/Spanish (according to your request);
            • admission tickets to all visited landmarks (according to the program of the tour);
            • 10% discount for children aged 5-12 y.o.;
            • The tour can be changed and adjusted to your wishes;
            • We offer a special discount for travel agents, 10 %.
            The price excludes: medical insurance.
            Please, contact our managers for the price of the Tour: , . The price of the tour may vary depending on the number of visitors or some changes in the tour schedule and accommodation; each request requires independent calculation.
            Please Note: The price of the tour quoted above may vary depending on the number of visitors or some changes in the tour schedule and accommodation; each request requires independent calculation. Travel agency retains for itself the right to change days and some sightseeing parts of the tour or accommodation with the equals.