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The Best of Yalta: Vorontsov Palace, Livadia Palace, and the White Dacha (Chekhov’s House – Museum)

  • The Best of Yalta: Vorontsov Palace, Livadia Palace, and the White Dacha (Chekhov’s House – Museum)
  • Cost of the tour: for the group of 6 visitors - 90 EUR per person
  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Itinerary: Hotel  – Alupka – Livadia – Chekhov’s Museum - Hotel   
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Size of the group – 6 – 17 tourists
  • Transportation: Mercedes Vito, Mercedes Sprinter
  • Entry tickets to all visited tourist attractions
  • Excursion is carried out in: English, German, French, Spanish

Take this comprehensive and spectacular Yalta tour The Best of Yalta to visit famous attractions of Yalta: Vorontsovsky Palace and park in Alupka, Livadia palace, romantic Castle Swallow’s Nest and Chekhov’s White Dacha, a house-museum.  This tour with beautiful vistas of Yalta and the sea from the Swallow’s nest castle is a great photo opportunity.

Highlights of Vorontsovsky Palace:  Vorontsovsky Palace with a lobby, main study, Chinese study, a dining room, a billiard room, the winter garden, a blue drawing room, the Palace Park with ponds, and great vistas of the mountain Ai-Peti.

On this tour we will visit Swallow’s Nest Castle on Ai-Todor Cape.

Highlights of Livadia Palace: Italian renaissance vestibule, Gala dining room, waiting room, reception study, billiards room, Emperor’s study, Bedroom of their Majesties, Library, Empress’s study, Empress’s drawing room,  small dining room, Class room of the Grand  Princesses, Italian Yard, Arabian Yard, Romanovs family Church, Wax museum :  Romanovs family; the big three – Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill.  

Highlights of Chekhov’s White Dacha: history of the house, Chekhov’s life and work during the period in Yalta, rooms and interiors of the museum, history of writing some of Chekhov’s best stories and plays. 

Tour details:

Your guide is meeting you at a hotel’s entrance (or another place which you prefer).

The guide will tell you the history of the main attractions you will be passing by, history of the palaces and South Crimea.

The first attraction to visit is Alupka palace of Prince Volontsov and the park. Alupka palace is one of the most spectacular attractions of South Crimea.  After 1945 Yalta Conference the palace became known for being Churchill’s headquarters. 

 Built on the project of eminent Victorian British architect Edward Blore, the palace strikes by its original design. The architect never visited the Crimea so his work is even more appreciated since it perfectly harmonizes with surrounding landscape, the Crimean Mountains, and mountain Ai-Petry. Northern face of the palace was built in so-called Tudor style of knight’s castle / Tudor cottage. Southern face was completed in the shape of Moresque palace with Arabic inscription of the entrance hall and flat roofs topped off with minaret-style towers. Main staircase of the palace is decorated by marble lions and is leading seawards. Side balconies are overlooking the Lion Terrace and the sea.
Museum collection consists of more than 11 thousand exhibits. The exhibition includes only 8 main rooms out of 150 in the palace but it takes about one hour to see them. The most valuable exhibits are the paintings of Russian and European artists of XVI - XIX century, a collection of rare British and Russian engravings, antique furniture, unique porcelain, clocks, chandeliers, decorative vases and other items.
The palace is surrounded by luxurious landscape park with more than 200 species of relic and exotic plants. The park design requires a separate reference. It was laid out in English style with mirror ponds, waterfall, stone chaos, and sunny park glades overlooking the palace or Ai-Petri Mountain.

The next attraction to visit is the most popular tourist landmark of the South Crimea, romantic castle Swallow's Nest. 

The next stop is the White Palace of Livadia. Once Livadia was a summer residence of Romanov dynasty and the last Russian tsar Nicolas II.  In Livadia you will visit White Palace of Nicolas II and walk through its spacious rooms to admire superb interior of the tsar’s times. In 1945 the Palace became a venue of Yalta Conference between Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill.  Livadia palace was turned into museum in 1974. The tour details the history of the palace erected in 1911 for tsar’s family. Surrounded by a well-appointed park laid out in the tsar’s times, Livadia Palace is the most imposing of all palaces in the South Crimea with a fantastic view of Yalta.

Your last stop on this tour is the White Dacha of Anton Chekhov, one of the most original buildings in Yalta of Chekhov’s time. From the study room one can see the seafront that inspired The Lady with the Dog, and out the back side you watch the scene that inspired setting of The Cherry Orchard. Today Chekhov’s house-museum is the centre of culture and literature in Yalta. It is a venue for many literature parties, musical and theatrical performances, celebrations devoted to the special dates of museum and Chekhov’s family.

In the end of the tour we will take you back to the hotel in Yalta.

Cost of the tour: for the group of 6 - 17 visitors - 90 EUR per person
This tour suits for a small tourist group of 6 visitors and for a larger group of  7-17 visitors.
For the group of 6 visitors we offer comfortable air-conditioned minivan
For the group 7 – 17 visitors – comfortable bus Mercedes Sprinter

The tour includes:

  • transportation in the comfortable passenger car
  • admission tickets for all visitors to all visited landmarks 
  • guiding services (English-speaking guide)

The tour excludes: insurance, meals.

Please, note: the order of the visited attractions on the tour may change.

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